VG-BUCKSBY-11 B Official Baby Shower Bucks

Official Baby Shower Bucks Baby Boy


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Product Description

Everyone loves 100 dollar bills.  Even if they are fake!  Greet your guests with baby shower bucks, as they enter the room.  Not only will they enjoy receiving them, the challenge of winning the most bucks at your party increases the odds of fun!  Reward game winners with Official Baby Shower Bucks, guests wearing blue, paying attention, helping out or just because you love them, maybe they are pregnant…be as creative as you want and let the 100 dollar baby bucks fly around the room, because you are in charge of the fun! The person with the most 100 dollar bills at the end of the party wins a special prize.  Your purchase will include six 100 dollar bills (designed to print on 8-1/2″ x 11″ standard size paper.)  Duplicate the sheet as many times as you need to print as many baby bucks your party will require, for an absolutely fun time!

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